Restaurants, Food Service and Corporate Accounts Partners are WELCOMED!

Family Owned and Operated from our Farm to your Table

Logan Family Farms, Irwin in PA offers fresh, clean, locally raised Natural Dry Aged Beef and Berkshire Black Pork for food service and purveyor partners. Our eco- friendly agrarian practices matched with our proprietary husbandry feed systems produces high quality beef and pork of exceptional taste.

Our Natural Dry Aged Beef and Berkshire Black Pork are raised under our supervising eyes until they reach our standard of excellence. We offer a year round supply of a variety of dry aged beef and black pork cuts.

Individualized Service

We work to meet the individual needs of restaurants, corporate accounts and natural food stores. Fresh or frozen, retail cuts or primal cuts we can make it happen! Enjoy some of our “just for food service cuts” or we can design some specialty products just for your situation.

Price Point is always important!

Discount pricing is offered based on the partner’s demand and the amount of processing needed for the beef or pork. Partners are offered quantity specials.

Food Safety and Handling

Both the Natural Dry Aged Beef and The Berkshire Black Pork are harvested and cut under USDA inspection for the safety of all. The meat is transported in our freezer truck to your establishment. For more information about our farm crops and animal raising practices look at our About us page. You can learn more about our commitment by reading Our Promise

Employee and Client gift boxes are available also. References upon request.

Your customers and clientele will recognize the taste difference of Logan Family Farms Natural Dry Aged Beef and Berkshire Black Pork the minute they taste it!

“Our promise is to produce the best tasting meat eating experience ever!”