Introducing Berkshire Black Pork

Logan Family Farms brings you premium pork cuts that reflect our commitment to providing the most pleasurable eating experience possible.

The Berkshire Black Breed has been the purest breed of hogs since the 1700’s back to Berkshire County England with consistent eating quality and a buttery meat texture.

Why Berkshire?

Compared to commodity pork, purebred Berkshire Hogs product chops, roasts and other pork cuts that are well marbled and consistently tender, juicy, and highly enjoyable.

Berkshire pork is higher in pH and has a darker muscle than most swine breeds. As a rule, the higher the pH value, the darker the muscle. The two go “hand in hand” for predicting eating quality and satisfaction.

When consumers want pork that tastes good…Berkshire Black Pork is their favorite, not only in the United States but globally.

Berkshire Black Pork is available by the individual or by the half. Raised under a strict protocol that reflects a natural pace of growing in balance with the environment. For how we raise the hogs, visit Our promise page

Porterhouse Chops

Rib Eye Chops

Loin and Rib Roasts

Shoulder Roasts

Pot Roast

Top Sirloin Roast

Spare Ribs

Fresh or Smoked Ham

Ham Hocks

Ham Slices


Maple Breakfast Sausage

Sweet Italian/Hot Links

Loose Sausage

Ground Pork

Berkshire Black Pork Available for the freezer.

If you desire the convenience of having pork in your freezer, we can accommodate you with the Berkshire Black Pork. Whether you want a whole hog or a half we have it.

The price is based on the weight of the hog once is has been harvested.  Half of a hog weighs about 100 pounds carcass weight. From the 100 pounds of carcass weight you will have about 70 pounds of meat to carry home to your freezer. The whole hog gives you about a 200 pound carcass weight with about 130 pounds of pork for your freezer.

Availability of pork is sporadic so plan ahead. We let them grow at their own pace.

To place an order, you may reach us over the phone at 724-875-1471, email us or via our web form. All orders are available for pickup, for other orders a convenient location may be arranged for delivery.