Our Tradition

The Logan Family Farm was established in 1894 as one of the three farming operations spun off The Eisaman Homestead on Eisaman Road in Hempfield Township, PA. Freshness and ‘direct to you’ have always been the philosophy of the Logan Family, beginning with direct sales of farm fresh eggs and bottled milk. Today, we offer home grown sweet corn, quality dry aged beef and Berkshire Black Pork.

Quiet Farm Life was abruptly interrupted when in the 1940’s, the development of the Pennsylvania Turnpike split the farm homestead and farmland in half. Cattle passes were constructed under the pike to facilitate cattle movement from one side to the other. These passes eventually filled in with silt and were abandoned. Even with this challenge, homemade pies and breads from the outdoor bake oven were sold to the turnpike construction workers fresh from the oven.

We have sold freezer beef for over 50 years from our farm in Southwest Pennsylvania. As our family expands, so does our business. The next generation of Logans (two agricultural graduates from Penn State University) continues this proud tradition. The next phase of our business is expanding the sales of our natural dry Aged Beef ADD (and Berkshire Black Pork) as cuts and family friendly packages. We’re proud to offer our products to the public, restaurants and partnering markets.