How can you eat your COWS?

Logan Family Farms is indeed a Family Farm and very much hands on by each of us, Tom, my husband, me, and our two sons Ben and Jacob. So the question always seems to come up from folks who buy or don’t buy our Natural Dry Aged Beef…”How can you eat your cows?”

First, let me say…We don’t give names to the cows or in this case steers, unless they are trouble. Just like people they all react differently to situations and sometimes a steer or a mother cow can be downright mean. They try to run you down or they kick at you for no good reason or head butt you. These kind of bovine are named …and most times it is an unkind name but in general we don’t name the animals on the farm except our dog Sadie.

Now, all living beings have a purpose for existing here on earth. I am sure my kids growing up, thought that the reason I existed was to embarrass them with every breath I took and now today God keeps me alive just to stop gap needed babysitting for grandkids!

But seriously, each of us, including the steers are here for a reason and the cattle are here to provide needed nutrients for those of us that need complete protein in our diet. Folks would say well you can get the needed protein from plant sources ie beans and even dairy products.

Even if we cultivated every open area of land across the globe with plant material, it still would not provide enough protein for the humans who live on earth, so animals like cattle give the very essential protein for human diets. And the best thing about it is that Beef tastes good!

All of us here at the farm are not thrilled with the idea that the end result will see the cattle harvested. The cattle  go away on the trailer and come back looking like a steak for your grill. So we don’t name them and we realize what their purpose is. So we do eat beef and we did name our dog!