Family Pack

Stock up with a Family Beef Pack of Logan Family Farms Natural Dry Aged Beef. Fresh beef produced on our farm in Irwin, PA.

The Family Pack offers families great-tasting dry aged, farm fresh wholesome beef right at your finger tips in your home.

The pack contains 20# of premium beef in a variety of boneless cuts, flash frozen ready for your freezer. This is a perfect way to stock up on drug free, antibiotic free beef for the fall season. Here is what is approximately included:

The family pack offers families an economical choice to purchase a manageable quantity of beef.

  • 8# Ground Beef
  • 2# Pot Roast
  • 2# Eye of Round Roast
  • 2# Minute Steaks or Kabobs
  • 2# Sirloin Steaks
  • 2# London Broil
  • 2# Fajita Strips
  • 2# Country Style Ribs

Grill Packs

For those who just love to grill beef, we now offer Gourmet Grill Packs of 1 and 1/4 inch thick cut NY and Delmonico Steaks and our premium 1/2 or 1/4lb. ground steak patties.

Beef Pack

A beef pack is designed for the family that enjoys beef but may not have the storage space or the need for a half or quarter of an animal. Essentially the pack contains about an eighth of an animal.

The cuts are wrapped in commercial grade clear wrap with the ends heat set, then wrapped again in white freezer paper and labeled.

  • 15 pounds of Grilling Steaks- NY Strips, Delmonico, Rib Eyes, Denver Steaks, etc.
  • 15 pounds of Roasts (Pot Roasts, Rump Roast, Eye of Round, etc.)
  • 15 pounds of our traditional grind ground beef

To place an order, you may reach us over the phone at (724) 875-1472 or via our web form. All orders are available for pickup or shipping, for other orders a convenient location may be arranged for delivery.