Meat Drop Box

Logan Family Farms would like to offer you our Natural Dry Aged Beef and Berkshire Black Pork delivered to your house. Many of you have been faithful customers at area Farmer’s Markets each summer. The Logan Family Farms Meat Drop Box Program is an easy way to make that great locally produced meat conveniently available all year long! Even when you can’t make the market.

Here is how it will work.

  1. A family or residence will need to order at least $50.00 worth of product to make it worthwhile to deliver the box to your area.
  2. Only the cuts listed will be guaranteed available. Add-ons (such as Delmonicos or NY Strips Steaks) may be added if they are available but will not be counted as part of the required $50.00 minimum order.
  3. The boxes will be delivered once a month on a designated day and time frame. You may order each month or just the month that you need products. You may even select to have a reoccurring order each month.
  4. An order sheet is attached, or you may ask to have it sent as a text message to interested individuals. You will make your selection and return the order sheet and then a receipt indicating your total will be returned to you. Payment will then be made either with a credit or debit card on a secure site.
  5. Payment must be made through the indicated secure payment link at least 48 hours prior to delivery.

Any problems or questions may be directed to Joann Logan 724 875-1471 or 724 875-1472.

Our Meat Drop Box for January has been SOLD OUT!

Our next Meat Drop Box will be available for order in the next few weeks. Be sure to check back and get your order in early.

Thank You for all the support.
Logan Family Farms