Halves and Quarters of Beef

A side is approximately 200 pound of great tasting beef. The exact amount depends on the “hanging weight” of the animal and how you determine to have it cut. The exact cost is calculated on the hanging weight times the market price at that time. Essentially your beef cuts will be twice the price of the hanging weight price per pound. So if the price were $3.50 per pound hanging weight then you would be paying $7.00 per pound for filet mignon and $7.00 per pound for roasts. Add this value to the convenience of having wholesome, natural, great-tasting beef right in your freezer!

The grilling steaks are the only bone–in cuts that you would receive. Because this is a process that is designed for you in mind, please plan ahead to ensure availability.

The beef is aged in a temperature humidity controlled chill box for at least 21 days; it is then cut, and wrapped twice for freshness. It is wrapped in freezer grade clear wrap and the ends are heat sealed. The cuts are wrapped again in freezer paper, labeled and flash frozen. We find that the beef cuts do not freezer burn as readily and the beef can be kept for up to 6 months to a year.

All grilling steaks are cut 1 inch thick, roasts are about 2-3 lbs each and the steak burgers are ¼ pounders, unless you special order.